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Our Goals

Ten years ago we set for ourselves an ambitious goal:  Simplify our tax code.  Today, we still have a long way to go, but that goal is as important now as ever.  The sheer complexity of our current tax code places an undue strain on our citizens, our businesses and our economy.  It need not be so; the social security tax is simplicity itself, collecting billions of dollars with minimal or no paperwork required by most payers.

It is obvious to even the casual observer that the collection of revenue to fund our government need not be complex.  Hong Kong, for example, has had a flat tax for years, as have many of our state governments.  Indeed, in the ten years since our organization was founded, the countries of Ireland, Russia, and China have all introduced a flat tax.  Many of the Eastern European countries are soon to follow suit.  Russia has even instituted a Voluntary Gross Receipt tax for small businesses, greatly simplifying business tax calculation and allowing businesses to forgo any payment of income tax or value added tax, which is a concept first put forward in our "Peoples Tax Reform" initiative in 1994.

Simply stated, our goals are:

1. To simplify income taxes to the point where employers and financial institutions can withhold the correct amount of tax and thereby obviate the need for most citizens to file annual tax returns.

2. To establish an alternative income tax system, so that a taxpayer can choose to forgo the complexities of exemptions, itemized deductions and credits, and all the required record keeping that follows, yet still pay the same amount of tax as every other taxpayer at that income level.

3. To adjust the taxable portion of income from capital gains, bank CDís, taxable bonds and other investment instruments to account for the loss of principal due to inflation.  In keeping with goal #1, this would be done by financial institutions without any calculation required by the taxpayer and would also allow for withholding the exact amount of taxes due.

It is our intention to advocate in favor of any legislation which furthers these goals and oppose any legislation which would hinder them.  Finally, it is our hope that we can educate and inform the citizens of our state and nation about the wisdom and benefits of simplifying the tax code and enlist our fellow citizens in the campaign to achieve this worthy goal.




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