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Why we need to change our tax code


Thank you for your interest in Tax Reform. For the first half of my business career, as an engineering manager at a large aerospace firm, I was blissfully ignorant of the harm that the tax code inflicts on businesses and families throughout America. In the early 70ís I left Aerospace and went into business with my wife manufacturing a small 1/12 scale radio controlled toy car. This car became an instant success. Soon similar products were being manufactured all over the world. I doubt if you can find any person who was a kid of 12 or 14 in the 70ís and 80ís who is not aware of these little cars.

It did not take long after our business became successful before we came face to face with the IRS. At first I was incensed with the arrogance of their agents. It was during their third audit a number off years later that It finally dawned on me that the tax code they were attempting to enforce was the real problem. They did not understand it and frequently took out their frustration on innocent taxpayers.

Congress has tinkered with the tax code for nearly 90 years. The instruction pamphlet for the personal income tax has grown to over 125 pages. California, in an attempt to keep up, has made matters worse.

I became involved in tax reform in 1988 when the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee solicited suggestions from taxpayers nationwide on how to simplify the tax code. Ready for retirement I dedicated myself to make a serious effort in this direction. In 1990 I developed two computer programs to help me analyze how changes in the tax code would effect both the revenue collected and taxes paid by individuals. In 1994, my friends and I formed United Californians for Tax Reform. We think its time to start cleaning up this tax mess. Wonít you join us in our campaign to simplify and reform our Federal and California tax code?


Roland A. Boucher, Chairman

United Californians for

Tax Reform


Please help us qualify our initiative by signing our petition

support the

Alternative Income Tax Rate Initiative Statute

As past member of the Jefferson Club of the National Taxpayers Union, Roland Boucher has lobbied for:

  • Balanced Budget Amendments
  • Restructuring the budget process
  • Postcard sized 1040 form
  • And for the indexing of capital gains to prevent the IRS from taxing Americans on profits they never received.

He also has written (pro bono) two computer Programs to assist responsible members of congress in bringing the US budget under control.

  • Chairman United Californians for Tax Reform

  • Member Orange County Charter Committee

  • Member Irvine Chamber of Commerce - Governmental Affairs Committee

  • Member of the board - Citizens for Budget Reform (Washington DC)

  • Representative to the National Silver Haired Congress for the 47th Congressional District of California

  • Past board member of the Newport Foundation and co-author Newport Foundation position paper for US Balanced budget

  • Grass Roots Organizer/Activist U.W.S.A.

  • Graduate of Yale University 1955




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