Alternative income tax, initiative statute

Petition instruction sheet

IMPORTANT: Mail Completed Petitions to CA Simple Tax, 14252 Culver Drive, Suite 728, Irvine CA 92604


You may print or photocopy as many blank petitions as you wish. Be sure to photocopy BLANK Petitions from an original (Clean) printed version of the petition. Do not alter the size of the petition, as the law requires all dimensions to remain the same. Be sure to print the signature page on the front side of the petition sheets and the full text page on the back side.

California Law provides very strict guidelines on obtaining invalid initiative petition signatures. Signatures that are improperly collected will be invalid and will not be counted. Please follow directions carefully.



The person signing the petition must follow some simple rules:


The person circulating the petition must adhere to the following:

Please help us gather as many signatures as you can! Please remember that we need time to process and bundle the petitions before the turn-in deadline.

IMPORTANT - Please return your petition ASAP to: CA SIMPLE TAX, 14252 CULVER DRIVE, SUITE 728, IRVINE, CA 92604

QUESTIONS? Contact us by phone at 949-552-9174 (9am-9pm PST) or email